Friday, 27 March 2009

Roll on Abu Dhabi!!

It's amazing..whether it's a holiday or a work deadline! No matter how long you plan in advance, you're always ready 'just in time'! We were relieved that the logistics team managed to arrange and extra week for all the teams before Abu Dhabi (thanks a lot!) and yet we will barely be ready in time. Still, apart from a somewhat worn-out team (sorry Hux!) we should be quite relaxed once the MXS departs on Tuesday next week. Some of the finessing aerodynamics jobs will have to wait until we're in Abu Dhabi but the essentials will be complete.Will our strategy pay off? We'll only know after one or perhaps two races. This year, the penalty system means we'll all be carrying a little less speed onto the track but all the race planes will be lighter so I'm expecting more agility and more raw acceleration from all the teams. Which aspects of winter work will give the biggest payback? The Breitling Team (three in the foreground and many more behind the scenes!) hopes it will be weight, power, agility and aerodynamics in that order .... we've made improvements in all four so....roll on Abu Dhabi.

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